Environmental education in the region of Sanabria (Zamora)

The environmental educational programme ‘I plant my land’ was launched in order to raise awareness among students about the importance of the conservation of trees and natural areas. 

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Red Eléctrica de España collaborates with the Spanish Wood Foundation (Fundación Española de la Madera) on the project ‘The tree is life’, which seeks to disseminate information about tree culture, in addition to the planting of trees throughout the country.

En este contexto y con el trabajo de estas dos entidades unidas , se p uso en marcha el programa de educación ambiental “ Yo Planto mi tierra ”, c on el objetivo de sensibilizar a los alumnos sobre la importancia de la conservación de los árboles y los espacios naturales .IIiiIn this context and with the joint effort of these two entities, the environmental educational programme ‘I plant my land’ was launched in order to raise awareness among students about the importance of the conservation of trees and natural areas.

During 2015, 153 students from the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades from the following primary schools in the region of Sanabria took part in this programme: CEIP Fray Luis de Sanabria -Puebla de Sanabria- (62 students); CRA Palacios de Sanabria (23); CRA Palacios de Sanabria (23); CRA Montbuey (9); CRA Montbuey (9); CEIP Tuela-Bibey (5) and CEIP Monte Gándara -El Puente de Sanabria- (54).

The educational system relates to environmental education as a transversal theme that encompasses many disciplines and cannot be address as school curricula in a single subject, therefore educational centres focus their efforts on programming specific activities both inside and outside the classroom. Responding to this need, various dissemination actions have been carried out.

Educadores y expertos en medio ambiente han impartido t alleres informativos en las aulas ,Educators and environmental experts have given these informative sessions in the classroom, in a confun and dynamic way to motivate and involve students, and also through performing arts. This approach has allowed students to learn more about various issues related to the environment. Entre ellas, cabe destacar: qué bienes obtenemos de los árboles y qué productos hacemos con ellos; los árboles como pulmones del planeta (CO2); árboles como recursos renovables y su uso so stenible; especies autóctonas , y qué podemos hacer nosotros para cuidar el medio ambiente en nuestra vida cotidiana.Noteworthy among these raeNoteworthy among these are: the goods and things we obtain from trees and what other products we can make with them, trees as the lungs of the planet (CO2); trees as renewable resources and the sustainable use of trees; native species, and what we can do to take care of the environment in our daily life.

In addition, there was an outing to a zone affected by a forest fire in the ‘Valdediego’ highlands in the municipality of Sanabria and in which 51 hectares of forest are being replanted. Each participating school has symbolically adopted a reforestation area that was replanted by the students of each of the schools, specifically one tree for every two participants. During planting, the students received a lecture by the team of experts in charge of the replanting project on why the fire occurred; the number and types of indigenous trees; how long it takes them to grow, etc. 

These types of informative sessions, which engage both students and the local population in environmental education and volunteering, are included within the framework of the Corporate Responsibility Plan (2014-2016) of Red Eléctrica de España which undertakes to promote research, education and awareness on biological diversity and reaffirms its commitment to sustainable development.