We are collaborating to consolidate the reintroduction of the Bonelli’s eagle in Mallorca

Since 2011, Red Eléctrica has been taking part in the reintroduction of this species on the island. There are currently 27 specimens, eight of which were born this year.

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Fundació Natura Parc and Red Eléctrica de España have signed a collaboration agreement to develop a tracking, maintenance and monitoring programme for the Bonelli’s eagle in Mallorca. This species began to be reintroduced on the island in 2011, after disappearing in the 1960s. The population currently stands at 27, eight of which were born in 2018.

Red Eléctrica will contribute 112,500 euros over the four years of the agreement for development, by Fundació Natura Parc, dedicated to the protection and study of the fauna and flora native to the Balearic Islands, of a programme of actions including monitoring, tagging and tracking the birds. The plan is to mark 26 chickens during the annual incubation period of the birds and to monitor their movements and way of life in the growth stage.

The agreement also provides for the development of various environmental education and awareness-raising activities aimed at students at the education centres in Mallorca, including specific workshops and disseminating pedagogical, informative and promotional material.

Since its inception, Red Eléctrica has sponsored and taken part in the programme to reintroduce the Bonelli’s eagle, developed by the Department of Environment, Agriculture and Fishing of the Balearic Islands Government and the Consortium for the Recovery of the Fauna of the Balearic Islands (COFIB) from 2011 to 2017. These actions are underpinned by its commitment to sustainability, through which it promotes the collaboration with local authorities in the interests of economic and social development as well as the promotion of natural capital in the territories in which the company operates.