Red Eléctrica supports the conservation of the natural environment in Extremadura

The company has signed a collaboration protocol with the regional government of Extremadura (Junta) to develop conservation projects in the vicinity of its facilities.

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The Minister of the Environment and Rural Affairs, Agrarian Policy and Territory, Begoña García, and the Director of the Chairman’s Office and Institutional Relations for Red Eléctrica, Beatriz de Munck, recently signed a collaboration protocol in Merida, the purpose of which is to establish a model for collaboration between the two entities with regard to biodiversity and sustainable development in the natural environments where transmission network facilities exist.  

Valid for six years, the signed agreement will facilitate the development of projects aimed at the conservation of biodiversity, the prevention and fight against wildfires, the protection of avifauna, the reforestation of degraded areas, and the awareness, dissemination, and promotion of environmental volunteer programs and rural development.   

Since 2009, Red Eléctrica and the Junta have collaborated through various agreements, under which the company has allocated approximately EUR 500,000 to the development of different environmental actions. At present, the agreement to prevent and fight against wildfires is in force and work is underway to protect avifauna.

With the signing of this protocol, the Red Eléctrica Group strengthens its resolve—included in the 2030 Sustainability Commitment—to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and, specifically, the achievement of Goal 15 to protect life on land, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss.