Red Eléctrica’s forecasting of renewables is recognised in the United States

The global leader in renewables UVIG has recognised Red Eléctrica’s advances in forecasting renewable generation for better integration.

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Red Eléctrica de España has been internationally recognised for its advances in the prediction of clean generation by the world’s leading renewable energy association, the Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group (UVIG), at an annual ceremony held, on this occasion, in Tucson (Arizona).

At this annual event, a debate forum to promote the integration of renewable energies, members that are part of this group present their key projects in the field.

For 10 years Red Eléctrica has been one of the 150 institutions and companies that comprise this group of experts, along with international systems operators, meteorology agencies, generating companies, and public and private institutions, etc.

Over the course of the past decade, Red Eléctrica has focused its efforts primarily on contributing in the area of wind and solar production forecasts. Every year at this forum, Red Eléctrica presents its advances and developments in an effort to continually improve the prediction of renewable generation and optimise its integration in the system.

Red Eléctrica develops various projects, such as the wind production forecast model that has become an international benchmark and is one of the main reasons the company received this recognition from UVIG.