The outreach campaign on forest fire prevention in Andalusia draws to a close

Under the slogan, “Fire turns your dreams to ashes,” the campaign has reached 137 municipalities in all Andalusian provinces.  

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The Ministry of the Environment and Territorial Planning for the Andalusian regional government and Red Eléctrica have developed an outreach campaign for the region about forest fire prevention. Under the slogan, “Fire turns your dreams to ashes,” the campaign aims to raise public awareness about the dangers of fire and the importance of taking extreme precautions when using it in agricultural or forestry activities, as well as in the use of tools and machinery in fire sensitive environments.

During its five-month run, the programme targeted citizens living in forested and urban areas at high risk for fire and professionals in the farming, ranching, and forestry sector. A team of monitors was tasked with informing more than 9,000 residents through six interpretive panels and explanatory brochures in 137 municipalities in all Andalusian provinces, in addition to conducting various workshops in the visited localities.  

Because Red Eléctrica is mindful of the importance of protecting forests and preserving biodiversity, the implementation of good fire prevention practices, as well as improving the integration of its facilities in natural environment, are priorities in the company’s approach to environmental management.