Seminar in Bilbao to present the new interconnection with France across the Bay of Biscay

In a meeting intended for experts, companies from the sector and interested organisations, the technical characteristics and environmental aspects of the project were presented.

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Yesterday, the Azkuna Zentroa of Bilbao held an informative seminar organized by Red Eléctrica de España and presented by the Delegate for the Government in the Basque Country. The seminar explained the importance of and need for electricity interconnections from Spain with the Central European electricity system and the technical characteristics of the new submarine link with France across the Bay of Biscay, as well as the estimated calendar of different actions included in this project.

In addition, the environmental study proposal of the marine environment was presented along with the protection and correction measures that are being completed to determine the best alternative layout for this project, which is currently in the phase of public participation.

After presenting the project, two tables were opened to discuss the need for electricity interconnections and territorial and environmental aspects in which representatives of companies and organisations from the sector, environmental consultants, and other organisations, such as Clúster de Energía and Asociación de Empresas con Gran Consumo de Energía (AEGE), concurred on the importance of developing these infrastructures for integrating renewables, the convergence of electricity prices on the markets and the competitiveness of Spanish companies.

As regards the territorial and environmental aspects, the participants highlighted the importance of integrating preventative, corrective and monitoring actions from the start of the project, and having the maximum public participation, which includes not just general interest, but the local vision of regional interest groups with the objective of developing an optimal project with the maximum social acceptance.