How to request access to the transmission grid

Any agent wishing to connect a generation unit or demand facility directly to the transmission grid must request access and connection permits from Red Eléctrica. Since 2016, this procedure can be done via electronic means.            

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Red Eléctrica, as sole transmission agent and operator of the Spanish electricity system, is responsible for the management of access and connection procedures for agents that wish to connect new facilities to the transmission grid or wish to modify any of the characteristics of already connected facilities

The Grid Access Department is in charge of managing the access and connection procedures of agents who would like to connect their facilities directly to the transmission grid. Each year, this area manages between 300 and 400 requests for grid access/connection.

The procedures are regulated in general terms under Electricity Sector Act (Law 24/2013, of 26 December), Royal Decree 1955/2000 for the Spanish peninsular electricity system, Royal Decree 1047/2013, and more specifically for renewable, cogeneration and waste generation facilities, in Royal Decree 413/2014.

Technical aspects and further details, including the commissioning stage, are set out in the Operating procedure (O.P.) 12.1 and 12.2 and similarly, in the equivalent operating procedures for non-peninsular territories.

In addition, Royal Decree 738/2015 regulates certain particular aspects for generation facilities located in the electricity systems of non-peninsular territories.

Until December 2016, the required technical documentation was sent via standard mail, with the corresponding limitations regarding the agility and streamlining of the process associated to this form of communication, which led Red Eléctrica to instrument a new web-based tool for agents that allows them to process, via remote electronic means, the administrative permitting paperwork related to transmission grid access and connection, or to those specific electricity distribution scenarios that may have an impact on the transmission grid.

This new IT application, available through the Red Eléctrica website, enables a new channel of communication and direct notification between agents and Red Eléctrica de España during the procedure. Similarly, agents can access and see the permitting status of their requests at all times.