Leaders in the Vigeo-Eiris Human Rights ranking

Red Eléctrica de España obtains the best score among more than 3,000 companies for its performance and good practices in the field of Human Rights.

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Red Eléctrica has been recognised with the highest score in "The Human Rights responsibilities of business in a changing world" study conducted by the sustainability evaluation agency Vigeo-Eiris. This study evaluates the degree of commitment of companies to protect and respect human rights, as well as remedy human rights violations, both in their corporate operations and in their supply chain.

The score obtained by Red Eléctrica, 85 points out of 100, recognises aspects such as: the advanced management of the Company's dialogue with its stakeholders; the adequate analysis of the risks their activity has on human rights (due diligence); the promotion of programmes for the management of talent and diversity, and its external reporting through specific performance indicators, as well as its commitment to respect human rights in the supply chain.

The study, conducted between 2014 and 2016, analyses the commitment and human rights performance of 3,189 companies based in 35 countries, representing 38 business sectors.