What is the Red Eléctrica Index?

Since February 2013, Red Eléctrica has published statistical information regarding the demand for electricity from consumers with a contracted power capacity over 450 kilowatts (kW).

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The Red Eléctrica Index (IRE), which Red Eléctrica has been publishing since February 2013, which contains data as of January 2010, is an analysis provided by Red Eléctrica’s Statistics and Information Department which provides information on the evolution of the electricity demand of large consumers, defined as those with a contracted power capacity equal to or greater than 450 kW.

Every month Red Eléctrica publishes the variation of the consumption of large electricity consumers, based on the information collected at more than 23,000 supply points, whether they be at transmission voltages or distribution voltages. Thus, the Red Eléctrica Index represents around 47% of the electricity consumption on the Peninsula, with the rest of the demand corresponding to that of residential consumers and small and medium-sized companies.

The data used are the readings from meters, that can be true or estimated, taken by the distribution companies during a period that can include up to the previous 11 months and which will be considered as definitive. This data is transferred by the distributors to Red Eléctrica as manager of the Spanish Electricity Measurement System (SIMEL).

Red Eléctrica, which also publishes a press release with the most relevant data of the IRE, details in this Index the evolution of electricity consumption in the industrial and services sectors, as well as for the sectors of activity listed in the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE 2009). This data is offered both for the month to which reference is made and for the variation over the previous 12-month period.

You may consult the latest available information of the Red Eléctrica Index (IRE) on the Red Eléctrica website as well as the dates of the next publication of this information.