Clean energy: electricity generation that is respectful with the environment

Electricity generation technologies that do not emit CO2 into the atmosphere are considered clean energies.

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Clean energies are considered those that do not emit greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions during the production of electricity. Technologies such as thermal or combined cycle, in which the burning of coal is used, are not considered clean energies due to the CO2 emissions from their generation process.

By contrast, wind, hydroelectric, solar and nuclear are considered clean energy sources and comprise the group of electricity production technologies that do not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Renewable energy and clean energy are two different classifications, because there are renewable energies, such as biomass energy (electricity generation through the burning of biomass waste) that do emit CO2 into the atmosphere, so therefore it is not considered a clean energy production technology.

In 2014, 62.9% of the energy used to cover the electricity demand on the Spanish peninsula was produced using zero emission technologies and clean energy.