Red Eléctrica’s blog is born

The Chairman of Red Eléctrica, José Folgado, brings into context the birth of the Company’s blog in year that has great relevance for Red Eléctrica.

  • Tribune

2015 is proving to be an especially relevant year for Red Eléctrica de España for several reasons that, undoubtedly, will have a positive impact on the future of the Company: the regulatory stability achieved after recent reforms, the evident drive of the European Council and the Spanish Government for international electricity interconnections, the submarine electricity links which will connect the two electricity subsystems of the Balearic Islands and integrate them into the peninsular system and the shift towards a more sustainable energy model on the Canary Islands, which will represent a significant investment by Red Eléctrica in new substations, grid development and pumped-storage facilities. Also relevant are those non-regulated activities that are now gaining increasing prominence, such as managing optical fibre networks and expanding internationally.

Additionally, coinciding with the International Year of Light, Red Eléctrica is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary.  This anniversary marks the consolidation of a world pioneering electricity system management model: the TSO model (Transmission System Operator), which integrates the activities of Power Transmission and Electricity System Operation. During its history, the Company has shown great flexibility to adapt to new scenarios that, from an economic, regulatory, social, energy and environmental standpoint, has been  the key to the success of this model.

In this vein, we consider it essential to adapt to the new ways of communicating and to the new channels of communication that are currently undergoing a boom due to the technological revolution experienced in recent years.  While we have an excellent website and we are present on social networks, we want to move forward with a new online communication channel that allows us to transmit, in an educational and enjoyable/engaging way, information about Red Eléctrica’s activity, paying special attention to matters related with social commitment and innovation.

With this philosophy and in order for it to become a useful tool for the media and society in general, the Entrelíneas blog is born.  For ease of navigation, it is structured into five sections according to the type of information (Tribune, Latest News, Observatories, Videos and Learn More) and categorised by topics (transmission, operation, environment, corporate responsibility, human resources, telecommunications, finance, international and R&D+i).  Users can find news, videos, opinion articles, specialist articles in important areas, as well as simple and clear explanations of complex subjects that will help them better understand the activity of our Company.

I am convinced that this new interactive communication channel is vital for Red Eléctrica to be known in all aspects of its activity and seen as exactly what it is: a sustainable and ethical company that is committed to society.