Sustainability Commitment of the Red Eléctrica Group

Sustainability is part of the Group's strategy because it ensures the long-term continuity and success of the business. Either we are sustainable or we will cease to be a company; as only sustainable companies have a future.

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Sustainability Department

The Red Eléctrica Group understands sustainability as the commitment to the Company’s long-term  continuity and success through the creation of shared value for all its stakeholders in the responsible execution of its activities.

In this regard, the Group is committed to a business model, based on integrity and transparency, that responds to the challenges of the future and which seeks to make our activity compatible with environmental care and the generation of shared value through alliances with society. 

Since its creation, Red Eléctrica has maintained a firm commitment to carrying out its activity following a responsible management model. Over the recent years, the way in which the Company carries out its activities has evolved significantly towards a model in which sustainability is managed in a cross-cutting manner and which is now embedded in all our activities, and which constantly integrates global trends and best practices in this field.

Red Eléctrica’s constant striving to become be a world reference, has motivated us to work on an ambitious commitment to sustainability with a long-term vision (2030) and which is linked to the business strategy. With this new commitment, we have reinvented both the way we do things and how we understand the future, providing a forward-looking and committed vision.

In order to consolidate ourselves as a key player in the construction of a sustainability future, we focus our efforts on four sustainability priorities identified as the key drivers which are capable of responding to the challenges faced by the Company and that will help materialise the existing opportunities.

Decarbonisation of the economy

Be a proactive agent in the energy transition towards a zero-emission model, advocating for the electrification of the economy and the efficient integration of renewable energy, through a robust and better interconnected grid and the development and operation of energy storage systems.

Responsible value chain

Extend our commitment to responsibility to all links in the value chain, ranging from our own people to suppliers and customers, accomplishing this through the creation of partnerships and by basing the commitment on our governance and integrity model.

Contribution to the development of society

Contribute to the economic, environmental and social progress of society, through the provision of a key service in a safe and efficient manner. This is achieved by promoting environmental conservation, the quality of life and social well-being of people and involving the community in the execution of our activities, with the goal of generating mutual benefit perceived by society in general.

Anticipating change and taking action

Promote a corporate culture of innovation and flexibility that allows us to identify growth opportunities and respond to the challenges of the future, anticipating and adapting both to global trends and to the regulatory environment arising from the new energy model.

Sustainability has been consolidated in the Red Eléctrica Group as a basic pillar of our strategy and defines a business model that was recognised in 2017 by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. The index positions our Company as the best company in the electric utilities sector worldwide. This prestigious recognition highlights our excellent performance in sustainability and our direct contribution to the achievement of global targets, among which noteworthy are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.