Persons are key player of the transformation in Red Eléctrica

Red Eléctrica is transforming its work methodology and its culture with the help of its professionals, true pacesetters

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Monica García Samaniego

Manager for the space transformation and new work methodology project

Imagina - the project for transforming the work methodology and spaces of Red Eléctrica – involves changes to the technology, processes, spaces and culture of the company to bring about a new solution, stimulating collaboration, leadership, flexibility and agility and innovation, moving toward and opening up to its interest groups.

In addition to other key factors in a process such as implementing a project team and working groups tasked with achieving the changes set for this transformation, people are indispensable in a process like this. And Red Eléctrica has adopted a strategy to help professionals achieve and implement the changes required in their work methodology and culture.

This strategy is based on involving people in all phases of the transformation project, first of all by analysing current and future work methodology based on an assessment in which they were consulted, and so reflecting their vision for the joint design of future work methodologies for the company.

Secondly, through a change management process whereby they are participating in the development of new work methodologies while adopting new habits and behaviours and modifying how they perceive of themselves as a group.

Over 80 agents, referred to as Imagineers (a play on words combining the name of the project and the word engineers) have been designated for the project to successfully implement this management change for Project Imagina. In addition, more than 70 persons have been designated to support them in the Demarcations of the company in Spain. They have all been selected based on criteria like diversity, positive attitude toward change and capability of communicating with other people in Red Eléctrica.

Participation by all the professionals in the project is implemented by the imagineers through two systems: workshops where they are informed of the latest advances in the project and invited to participate in various efforts involving changes in their behaviour and to provide relevant information for the project, as well as through a community created for this purpose on the organisation’s intranet. Also, the imagineers will be the first to receive any information released by the project so that they can contribute their own questions and comments before the rest of the organisation is informed.

In turn, about 10-12 professionals are assigned to the imagineers, to whom news is forwarded and from whom collaboration and information is solicited, while listening to and managing their suggestions.

This kind of trickle-down collaboration strategy is based on a very powerful principle, as the professionals can work with the organisation in the transformation process through the support of their peers. This peer-to-peer relation and personal approach makes it possible for people to feel – and in fact, to be – more involved in the changes that must be made. At the same time, through the mechanisms mentioned above, Red Eléctrica professionals can participate in identifying problems that need resolution and provide solutions for them, and so making the transformation their own.

Red Eléctrica is most definitely transforming its work methodology and culture with the help of the people that make it a reality: its professionals, its true pacesetters in innovation in its work systems and culture.