The Red Eléctrica Forest: reforest, offset emissions and support local development

Since 2009, Red Eléctrica has recovered 778 hectares of forest through the planting of more than 647,000 trees and shrubs of different native species that will help offset around 184,800 tonnes of CO2 throughout their life cycle.

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Sustainability Department

The Red Eléctrica Forest is an initiative through which, each year, the Company helps create a forest in a different area of Spain, on publicly owned land and in collaboration with the public administration responsible for the management of the territory.

Red Eléctrica's commitment to this project responds to its clear engagement with to sustainability, which includes the protection of the natural environment, the fight against climate change and the contribution to the economic, environmental and social development of the territory in which its facilities are located.

Thus, the goal of the Red Eléctrica Forest initiative is three-fold: to recover degraded natural spaces, thereby contributing to the conservation of biodiversity; to offset part of the Company's emissions through the planting of trees and to contribute to the development of the surrounding areas where the forests are located, thanks to local contracting and the carrying out of various training or environmental awareness activities.

Contribution to the conservation of the natural environment and biodiversity. 778 hectares recovered through the planting of 647,053 trees and shrubs.

Reforestation works are carried out in degraded areas of high natural value, mainly in areas located in the Natura 2000 network or areas that are subject to some form of environmental protection.

The reforestations are carried out with various types of native trees and shrubs, in some cases eliminating foreign species to facilitate the recovery of the natural ecosystem. Some projects are accompanied by actions aimed at preventing forest fires, such as clearing of wooded areas in highlands, selective felling of trees or the opening up of firebreaks.

Noteworthy is the variety of forests that are part of the project (Mediterranean forest, Atlantic forest, pasturelands, laurel forests, etc.). These restored spaces are key to curbing desertification and the loss of soil, and that also constitute the habitat of important species of Spanish fauna, many of them threatened.

Support for the fight against climate change. Offsetting of 184,771 tonnes of CO2 equivalent

One of the cornerstones of the Company's climate change commitment is the protection of wooded areas. For this reason, Red Eléctrica promotes the recovery of forests, thanks to the CO2 offset by the trees planted, as the main measure to offset part of the emissions generated in the performance of its functions.

Support for local development and environmental education. More than 6,300 days of local employment.

The project helps promote the development of the economy in rural areas as the works are carried out by local companies.

Furthermore, plantation works are always accompanied by a programme of educational and environmental awareness activities. This aspect acquires a very relevant dimension as Red Eléctrica is aware of the value of education for the protection of biodiversity and the fight against climate change. The programme is carried out mainly with students from schools in the vicinity of the project, although there are also activities in which employees of the Company and other groups collaborate. We also encourage the conducting of practical training programmes for future forest management professionals. More than 1,700 people (schoolchildren, students in training, volunteers and employees of Red Eléctrica) have participated in the training and awareness projects.

The Red Eléctrica forests

Thanks to the investment of 1,843,941 euros Red Eléctrica has helped create twelve forests, distributed nationwide.

Since the initiative was first launched in 2009 with the densification of 162 hectares (ha) of holm oak pasturelands in Badajoz, the Company has worked on the restoration of numerous and varied spaces, some included in natural parks such as Los Alcornocales in Cádiz (144 ha), the Robledal del Remendón in Vizcaya (22.5 ha), the Sierra Calderona in Valencia (24.5 ha) and Doramas in Firgas, Gran Canaria (17 ha).

Many of the habitat restoration works have been aimed at reforesting areas decimated by fire (398 ha), such as the forests of Teruel, Sierra del Molino in Murcia, Hellín in Albacete, Majorca, Puebla de Sanabria and La Carballeda in Zamora and Tremuzo in La Coruña.

In 2018 Red Eléctrica continues working on two new projects: in Chajaña, to recover 23 ha in the La Corona Forestal Natural Park (Tenerife) and in Asturias, to replant 38 hectares of forest with pines, oaks, wild cherry trees and chestnut trees.