Red Eléctrica’s daily electricity balance report

Red Eléctrica’s Department of Statistics and Information has been publishing the daily electricity balance reports over the last 20 years.

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The daily balance reports that Red Eléctrica draws up are a reflection of the behaviour of the Spanish electricity system during the day. These daily balances are compiled from data received by the Department of Statistics and Information, which reports to the Company’s Regulation Department, and that is received from the Electricity Control Centre (CECOEL), e-sios and the Electricity Measurement Information System (SIMEL).

In order for data, from as far back as 1990, to be available for consultation, Red Eléctrica, as system operator, has the obligation of keeping the statistics regarding the Spanish electricity system updated, not only on daily balances but also on monthly data series. 

Attending to the needs and interests that may exist at any given moment, changes have been made to the daily balances and statistical information they provide has been expanded. Currently, all daily balances offer a first part with net gigawatt hour data (GWh) of electricity generation per technology for the day, month, year and rolling year, each with their corresponding comparatives, as well as transmission demand data measured at the power station busbars bars (measured at the point where the electricity leaves the power station).

Daily balances also include a series of graphs that illustrate the contribution that each technology makes to the generation-mix structure. The report displays information regarding the daily, monthly and rolling-year data using the date for which data is requested as a reference point.

The information is completed by means of statistics on figures regarding total renewable energy, maximum instantaneous, hourly and daily demand, and data regarding hydroelectric generation.

Red Eléctrica publishes the national, peninsular, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla electricity balances on its website, with data from 2012, that reference information available for each of the mentioned electricity systems.

The information contained in the daily balances inevitably goes through four stages:

  • Forecast, published the same day to which it refers, corresponds to the provisional generation forecasts published on the e-sios website.
  • Schedule, published the first working day after the day in question. The forecasted data is replaced with data obtained from the agreed schedules at day end.
  • Provisional, provides data with values measured one month after the day in question.
  • Definitive, final version is published 10 months after the day in question and measurement data is considered.

As forecasting and measuring technology advances, daily balances are modified to provide the most accurate and interesting information in the shortest time frame possible. Currently, daily balance and month-end reports are available since 2012 via this link. Data prior to this year can be found in the statistical series on the web.