Permitting authorisations for facilities of the electricity transmission grid

The commencement of activities associated to commissioning new electricity transmission facilities requires the processing of various permitting authorisations.

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In order to bring into service new facilities in the electricity transmission grid requires Prior Administrative Permitting Authorisation (AAP), Administrative Authorisation for Construction (AAC) and the Operation Authorisation (AEx).

The AAP grants Red Eléctrica the right to build a specific facility in accordance with given parameters. To obtain the resolution by the competent authority (either the State or the Autonomous Community), the corresponding permitting process is carried out by submitting the preliminary project scope or the facility project report as technical document and, where appropriate, together with the environmental impact assessment.

The AAC allows Red Eléctrica to carry out the construction of the authorised facility, meeting the compulsory technical requirements established by law. Subsequently Red Eléctrica requests the corresponding resolution, based on a project execution plan, from the competent authority after analysing from a purely technical approach the conditioning factors of those public administrations, as well as organizations or companies, that provide public services or of general economic interest.

The permitting procedure and resolution of the two aforementioned authorisations may be processed consecutively, simultaneously or jointly.

Lastly, the AEx allows Red Eléctrica, once the facility is built, to bring it into service and proceed to its use and operation.