Electricity exchange capacity

The commercial exchange capacity is the maximum power available for import and export after the electricity systems’ safety requirements have been met.

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When an electricity interconnection line between two neighbouring countries has passed all the technical tests necessary to ensure its correct functioning, the line is then ready to import and export power. The availability of power for the exchange of energy that is not aimed at strengthening the security of supply of each system is known as commercial exchange capacity.

These exchanges take place daily and allow the generation of electricity to be carried out with the most efficient technologies and allows electricity to flow from where it is cheaper to where it is more expensive, therefore increasing the competitiveness of the systems.

Exchange capacity, which is measured in magnitudes of power (MW), shows an indicative forecast of the most likely margins of exchange capacity between systems that is compatible with the security of supply of the interconnected systems and which is calculated by each system operator.

The final values ​​are established by Red Eléctrica in the daily horizon taking as a basis the forecasts made for the weekly horizon, which in turn are derived from other long-term forecasts, with the annual forecast being the first that has direct impact on the commercial use of the exchange capacity. Data regarding the exchanges performed in recent years is available the monthly bulletins published by the Company.

According to the latest Spanish Electricity System Report, in 2014, the electricity exchange capacity between Spain and its neighbouring countries were the following: