Wind power energy reached a new all-time high for demand coverage on the Peninsula

At 4:50 am on 21 November, wind power energy covered 70.4% of the peninsular electricity demand.

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The electricity system on the Spanish peninsula registered a new maximum coverage of electricity demand with wind power: at 4:50 am on 21 November, 70.4% of the electricity consumed in Spain was generated using wind as a primary production source.

Thus, according to data from Red Eléctrica’s Electricity Control Centre (CECOEL), wind generated 15,293 MW at that exact moment; peninsular electricity demand at that time stood at 21,721 MW. The integration all of these megawatts of wind power energy into the electrical system was performed without any difficulties.

The new all-time high of 70.4% of electricity demand coverage represents an increase of 2% over the previous all-time high of 68.4%, registered at 2:56 am on 25 December, 2013, according to data from the CECOEL.

Wind power energy was also the generation technology that most contributed to demand coverage on 21 November, reaching 52.3% of the daily coverage (343 GWh).