Visit to the Iberian Imperial Eagle conservation project in the Doñana Natural Park

The birth of 15 new eagle chicks this year is a milestone that has not taken place since the early 90s and represents an increase in the population of this species in Andalusia of 6.3%.

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Directors from Red Eléctrica, along with the Regional Minister for the Environment and Territorial Planning of the Regional Government of Andalusia, José Fiscal, visited the Doñana National Park to follow-up on the work regarding the conservation project for the Iberian Imperial Eagle in Doñana.

"This project is aimed at the conservation of one of the most threatened birds of prey in the world, the Imperial Eagle, and is encompassed within the Company’s policy on commitment to the territory," said Red Eléctrica’s Corporate Director of Sustainability, Innovation and Institutional Coordination, Ana Cuevas, during the visit in reference to the collaboration programme that the Company has with the Regional Government of Andalusia and the Doñana Natural Park.

The actions related to this collaboration agreement, which has a budget of 130,000 euros for a two-year period, are mainly focused on providing technical means for actions related to adapting and reinforcing nests in trees, and two properly identified all-terrain vehicles; as well as the provision of rabbits as a source of supplemental feeding during the breeding season, which in the opinion of those responsible for the programme, has been a determining factor "in the birth of 15 new eagle chicks this year, a figure that had not been reached since the early 90s and that represents a 6.3% increase in the population in Andalusia, which now totals 102 breeding pairs,” as indicated by the Regional Minister, José Fiscal.

The following also participated in the visit: the Mayoress of Almonte, Rocío Espinosa, the Director General for Management of the Natural Environment, Javier Madrid, the Director of the Doñana Natural Park, Juan Pedro Castellano, the Manager of the Sustainability and Innovation Area for Red Eléctrica, Daniel Pérez, and Red Eléctrica’s Regional Delegate for the South, Miguel González.