Training for future members of the Spanish Civil Guard regarding safety in electricity facilities

The Carlos III University of Madrid hosted a training day on the functioning of the electricity system and on the physical protection measures that are observed in electricity transmission facilities.

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160 students of the University Centre of the Civil Guard and students from the Carlos III University attended this training day, organised at the Higher School of Industrial Engineering at the Carlos III University. Professors and experts from the ‘Sociedad de Infraestructuras y Equipamientos Penitenciarios’ (SIEP) and Red Eléctrica explained to attendees how the electricity system works and what protective measures have to be taken in transmission facilities. On behalf of the Company, the event was attended by the regional delegate of the area, José Ignacio Fernández, and the head of the Centre Regional Office, Mario Castro, as well as several experts.

The purpose of these training days is to establish a framework for the ongoing collaboration and training between academia, in this case the University Centre of the Civil Guard with the support of the Carlos III University of Madrid, and Red Eléctrica de España.

Visit to the 400/220 kV San Sebastian de los Reyes substation

In addition, on 25 April, a little over twenty Electrical Engineering students from the University Centre of the Civil Guard attended a training day where they were able to broaden their knowledge on the functioning of the electricity system and gain a better understanding regarding the work carried out by Red Eléctrica de España as operator and sole transmission agent of the system.

The training day concluded with a visit to the San Sebastian de los Reyes electricity substation, one of the most important facilities of the meshed grid in the Community of Madrid, where students received explanations of its main components and operation by technical experts from Red Eléctrica and the regional delegate, José Ignacio Fernández.