Support for environmental education and awareness in Ortuella (Vizcaya)

Red Eléctrica will fund the creation of a school garden through a collaboration agreement with the city council.

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Red Eléctrica and the Ortuella City Council have signed a collaboration agreement to fund the creation of a school garden at the Otxartaga public school of this municipality of Vizcaya. The company will allocate 6,000 euros to the project.

The creation of this school garden will promote environmental education and awareness and will help the students learn about sustainable development by valuing of the natural resources.

In this agricultural space, students will learn about the vegetative cycle of plants and the different process of planting, fertilizing, maintenance, and harvesting.

This action is part of the basic principles of Red Eléctrica’s corporate social responsibility policy, the purpose of which is to promote sustainable development, respect for the environment, and the advancement of progress, culture, and social wellness to create persistent value in the areas where the company is present.