Students visit the Santa Engracia substation in La Rioja

Secondary school students from Logroño learn the importance of substations and how they contribute to the functioning of the region’s power grid. 

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A group of secondary school students from IES Batalla de Clavijo in Logroño, winners of a recent competition held in the La Rioja capital with the entreREDes teaching tool that Red Eléctrica has developed, visited the Santa Engracia substation, accompanied by Red Eléctrica’s representative in La Rioja, José Ignacio Lallana, and the mayor of Santa Engracia del Jubera, Óscar Fernández.  

The students learned on-site about the important role that the Santa Engracia transmission substation plays in the power grid and the 271 kilometres of high-voltage lines in La Rioja. This infrastructure is critical because, in addition to connecting the 400-kV Barcina-Santa Engracia-La Serna hub with the 220-kV hub that feeds electricity to the community, it serves to transmit the energy generated in the combined cycle at Arrúbal, La Rioja’s main power plant.

The students learned that the upgrades made to the substation in recent years have managed to improve distribution support in the area of greatest consumption in La Rioja, its industrial core in El Sequero, near Logroño. Lastly, they were informed that 54% of the power generated in the community is renewable, a percentage higher than the Spanish average, which is around 36%.