Students from schools in the region of La Rioja learn about how the electricity system works

More than 100 secondary school students have participated in the informative sessions ‘Education for a sustainable energy model’ organised by Red Eléctrica de España and the Government of La Rioja. During these sessions, students were also able to compete against each other through the educational game known as entreREDes.

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Red Eléctrica de España, together with the regional ministries of the Government of La Rioja responsible for Education, Training and Employment, and for Economic Development and Innovation, organised the first edition of the informative school sessions entitled ‘Education for a sustainable energy model’ aimed at secondary education centres in this autonomous community. The purpose of these sessions is to make information available on how the electricity system works to the general public, especially among young people so that they may become responsible, efficient and environmentally friendly consumers in the future. Of all the schools taking part in the initiative in La Rioja, four were chosen and 115 students belonging to those schools attended the sessions, held in Logroño, at La Rioja’s Riojaforum Conference Centre.

Students received a detailed explanation on the fundamentals of the complex system that guarantees the availability of electricity when it is needed. This informative session was given by Red Eléctrica's Regional Delegate in La Rioja and Aragón, José Ignacio Lallana, and Jesús Mendiola from the Company’s Demand-side Management and Smart Grids Department and included two presentations on how electricity reaches our homes: the electricity system in the region of La Rioja and its generation structure, which predominantly consists of renewable energy, and how to be a more efficient consumer.

The Government of La Rioja was represented at the closing ceremony by the General Director for Education, Miguel Ángel Fernández, and the General Director for Innovation, Employment, Industry and Trade, Julio Herreros, who presented the awards to the winners of the entreREDes competition. The winning team was made up of students from the ‘Batalla de Clavijo’ secondary school in Logroño.

More than 3,000 students from schools all over Spain have already played the entreREDes digital game

EntreREDes is an educational resource tool for teachers of second, third and fourth years of ESO (Secondary School). The game, created by Red Eléctrica de España, enables students to revise the contents of their school curriculum by testing their skills in a fun and interactive way, while learning how the Spanish electricity system works and the link between electricity and social progress.

The entreREDes application can be downloaded for free from Red Eléctrica’s website. Through entreREDes, players take a virtual tour of Spain travelling along the main lines and through the substations of the electricity transmission grid, as they correctly answer specific questions on six different subjects from a total of more than 8,500 questions. The subjects covered are: Physics and chemistry; Geography and history; Language and literature; Mathematics; the electricity sector and leisure. So far, more than 3,000 students from schools all over the country have played the entreREDes digital game in competitions organised by Red Eléctrica in various autonomous communities.