Seminar about the developments of the European Best Paths project, coordinated by Red Eléctrica

The seminar offered an overview of the future of the European electricity grid and the progress in terms of developing new technologies and methodologies applied to the transport network.

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Yesterday, Madrid hosted an informative seminar organised by Red Eléctrica and Iberdrola about the developments of the Best Paths research project, a European initiative cofinanced by the European Commission to develop new technological solutions that guarantee increasing the capacity of the electricity grid and the flexibility of the system for the mass-integration of renewables.

The seminar offered an overview of the future of the European electricity grid. Vicente González, as a representative of Red Eléctrica de España and project coordinator, pointed out in his presentation that “innovation is one of the key answers to overcoming the challenge of energy transition and competition outside Europe”.

“The entire European energy sector is under great pressure to maintain their traditional technological leadership and competitiveness of the system. Therefore, the synergy between Member States and companies is essential. The individual demonstrations of the Best Paths project feature great cooperation between the different actors” González emphasised.

During the workshop, the leaders from the five demonstrations of the project presented the progress made in the last year of work and the final stage of the project, which will end in September 2018, with the development of proof, methodologies, technologies and prototypes to guarantee a powerful and flexible electricity grid.

The Best Paths project is addressing the challenges needed to develop an electrical transport grid through five demonstrations that work to integrate offshore energy into the direct current transmission grid, to design new materials and technologies for developing high capacity superconductor cables, and to renovate and improve the direct current links and alternating current lines.

39 leading partners in the electricity industry are participating, which represents the entire chain of innovation in Europe, operators and managers of electrical transport systems (TSO’s), companies, research centres and universities.

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