The Santa Teresa Museum shows off its new lighting thanks to the support of Red Eléctrica

Red Eléctrica and the Fundación V Centenario signed an agreement in 2015 to renovate and improve the lighting of the museum.

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The Casa Natal de Santa Teresa Museum, located in Ávila, the birthplace of Santa Teresa, has inaugurated its new, more efficient, LED lighting thanks to the collaboration agreement signed last year between Red Eléctrica de España and the Fundación V Centenario del Nacimiento de Santa Teresa de Jesús, by which the Company has contributed 70,000 euros.

Technical advice from the Regional Energy Agency of Castilla y León (EREN) was provided for the project. This new technology enables an energy savings of over 61%.

The new lighting also allows the elimination of infrared and ultraviolet emissions that could damage the artwork, and provides a better distribution of light and colour rendering that allows visitors to perceive the natural colours.

Red Eléctrica’s collaboration on this project is yet another example of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy of the Company, supporting initiatives of social and cultural interest to preserve and to restore the value of the rich artistic heritage of Castilla y León.