Reintel launches its website

The Red Eléctrica Group company responsible for the operation of telecommunications and optical fibre infrastructure, Reintel, has launched its website in both Spanish and English.

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Red Eléctrica Infraestructuras de Telecomunicaciones (Reintel), the company responsible for operating the Red Eléctrica Group’s optical fibre network, has today launched its website, which will provide information on the activities of this Red Eléctrica Group company in the telecommunications field.

Mainly structured in two sections, the new Red Eléctrica Group website lists a catalogue of the services offered (spinal network, dedicated cable, equipment housing and custom solutions, among others) under the heading “Solutions”, while the “Infrastructure” section offers details of the technical characteristics of Reintel’s optical fibre network in the different contexts in which it is employed (electricity and railroads), along with a map of the network.

Created in July 2015, Reintel is the company that has been placed in charge of managing telecommunications, and its main activity is leasing dark fibre and equipment housing sites. Reintel also represents one of the strands through which Red Eléctrica is diversifying its business, in line with its 2014-2019 Strategic Plan.

With a network of 33,000 kilometres of optical fibre, Reintel is the largest provider of dark fibre in Spain, and it has amassed a large portfolio of customers. It also engages in a broad range of activities, which extends among other services to supplying telecommunications operators who are extending their networks to provide telephone, Internet and television to their customers, along with private sector companies that require their own communications services and public authorities, which use the company’s services to fill the digital gap that has opened up between certain regions.

To learn more about Reintel’s activities, visit its new website at