The Regional Minister for Economy, Enterprise and Employment of Castilla-La Mancha visits Red Eléctrica

The current situation of the electricity system in the region and the development of the electricity transmission grid, as set out in the new 2015-2020 Planning, were presented to the Regional Minister at a meeting held this morning.

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The Regional Minister for Employment, Enterprise and Economy of Castilla-La Mancha, Patricia Franco, met today with the Chairman of Red Eléctrica de España, José Folgado, and the Chief Executive Officer, Juan Lasala, at the Company’s head offices.

During the visit information was presented to the Regional Minister regarding the current status of the electricity system in the autonomous community and the planning and development of the transmission grid infrastructure until 2020. The main activities encompassed in this planning for the region are aimed at increasing the security of supply, powering the high speed train via the new Ayora-Campanario 400-kilovolt electricity axis, and facilitating the evacuation of renewable generation.

The Regional Minister stated her willingness to collaborate in order to promote the development of the new electricity transmission facilities, and to help streamline the necessary administrative permitting processes.

Also explained at the meeting were the various collaboration actions that the Company has in place with Castilla-La Mancha, not only in the realm of culture, with the support of educational activities related to the celebration of the International Year of Light that will take place in five museums in the region, but also regarding the environment, through various informative seminars on the prevention of forest fires and firefighting.

After the meeting, Ms. Franco, visited the Electricity Control Centre (CECOEL), responsible for the real-time coordinated operation and supervision of the generation and transmission facilities of the national electricity system, and also the Control Centre for Renewable Energy (CECRE), a pioneering centre of reference worldwide in the integration of renewables into the electricity system.