The Regional Government of Galicia visit the new ‘Red Eléctrica Forest’ in La Coruña

This initiative, to which Red Eléctrica has earmarked 200,000 euros, will reforest 40.9 hectares of the Tremuzo public highlands.

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The Regional Minister of Rural Environment of the Regional Government of Galicia, Ángeles Vázquez, this week has visited the Red Eléctrica Forest of the Tremuzo public highlands, in the municipality of Outes, to see first-hand the progress made in the reforestation of this public forest area. During her visit, the Regional Minister was accompanied by the Director of Transmission Services for Red Eléctrica, Juan José Prieto Maestro; Red Eléctrica’s Regional Delegate in the region, Carlos González Patiño, the Director General of Territorial Planning and Forestry Management of the Regional Government, Tomás Fernández Couto, and the Mayor of Outes, Carlos López Crespo.

These reforestation works form part of a collaboration agreement signed by the Regional Government of Galicia and Red Eléctrica de España by which the Company undertook to provide 200,000 euros for the restoration of an area of ​​40.9 hectares of these public common highlands, through the planting of hardwood tree species native to the area that favour the recovery of the flora and fauna of the area and the improve the quality of the landscape.

The ‘Red Eléctrica Forest’ is an initiative born in 2009 and is aimed at biodiversity conservation and combating climate change, contributing to the promotion of natural heritage and responding to the Company’s commitment to society by increasing the natural capital in the territories in which the Company’s facilities and infrastructure are located. This initiative is an ongoing environmental programme that aims to create a forest each year in publicly owned land in different geographic areas in Spain, with the collaboration of entities and public bodies.

The restoration project of the Tremuzo public highlands will be the eleventh ‘forest’ of Red Eléctrica de España after those of Badajoz, Teruel, Cádiz, Murcia, Valencia, the Basque Country, Albacete, Majorca and the two in Zamora, with an investment of €1.44 million through the end of 2015.

With this initiative, Red Eléctrica has brought significant benefits to the environment with the reforestation of 665 hectares by the planting of more than 473,000 trees and shrubs of different species, allowing around 134,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions to be offset throughout its entire life cycle.

For more information about the ‘Red Eléctrica Forest’, see the brochure by clicking on this link