Red Eléctrica's effort to become an excellent company, receives an award

The Club Excelencia en Gestión celebrates their twenty-fifth anniversary and acknowledges the management, the strive for improvement, the competitiveness, the enhancement and excellence of the main Spanish organisations during these years.

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The Club for Excellence in Management has recognised the work of Red Eléctrica to promote excellence in management, awarding the company with the Recognition for exemplariness in the valuing of Excellence: ‘Sustaining outstanding results over time’

Juan Lasala, CEO, accepted the award at a ceremony held on 23 June to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Club for Excellence in Management.

During the presentation of the recognition, he stressed Red Eléctrica’s firm commitment to consolidate itself as an excellent company in the undertaking of its activities since 1999 when it adopted the EFQM Excellence Model, as well as the Company’s engagement throughout the years in the dissemination the values ​​of excellence.

The Club for Excellence in Management took advantage of the celebration of their twenty-fifth anniversary expressly to acknowledge those professionals and organisations that through their leadership and exemplariness have helped develop excellence and innovation in Spain during these years.