Red Eléctrica supports people with disabilities of the Valle de Benasque

Red Eléctrica de España, Acciona Saltos de Agua and the Council of the city of Sesué (Huesca) have signed an agreement for asphalting the road that leads to the Support Center for People with Disabilities ‘El Remós’.

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Red Eléctrica’s Regional Delegate in Aragón, José Ignacio Lallana has signed an agreement today with the director of Hydroelectric Production of Acciona Saltos de Agua, Raul Serrano, the Mayor of Sesué, José Félix Demur, and the Director of the Centre ‘El Remós’, Héctor Rodríguez, to undertake the works of asphalting the road leading to this assistance centre for people with disabilities.

To improve this access to the Centre ‘El Remós’, each of the electric utility companies will contribute 7,000 euros under this agreement in order to improve the road that gives access to this centre, opened in 1994 and that belongs to the Guayente Association. This road will also lead up to the electricity substation shared between Red Eléctrica and Acciona Saltos de Agua in Sesué.

This action is encompassed within the corporate responsibility policy of Red Eléctrica de España, which seeks to promote sustainable development of the territory and the well-being of society.

Centre ‘El Remós’, which belongs to the Guayente Association, is a unique and innovative project aimed at providing support to people with disabilities and/or intellectuall  illness who live in the rural areas in the region of Aragón. These facilities have developed a methodology that caters to not only to all types and degrees of disability, but also to existing cases of mental illness of people who live in the area of Ribagorza as well as other adjacent areas. The Centre supports the comprehensive development of people with disabilities and tries to help them reach their highest possible levels of autonomy and integration within the scope of their personal, social, work and family life.