Red Eléctrica supports the International Congress on Climate and Environmental Change

The event, organised by the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología), part of the Superior Council on Scientific Research (Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, “CSIC”), aims to address the acceleration of climate change since the start of the industrial era. 

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The goal of the International Congress on Climate and Environmental Change, PAGES (Past Global Changes) 2017, where more than 900 scientists from 51 countries gathered in Zaragoza for one week, was to provide information, data, and sustainable strategies to public administrations and political, scientific, and social leaders to encourage them to take actions that will help curb climate change on our planet.  

PAGES is an international initiative that focuses on coordinating and promoting existing climate change research and raising awareness about our terrestrial system and the interactions between three critical factors—climate, environment, and human beings—while endeavouring to understand what has happened in the past in order to improve future predictions about climate and environmental changes, and develop adaptation and mitigation strategies based on sustainability.

The congress, attended by Red Eléctrica’s delegate in Aragón, José Ignacio Lallana, was divided into two parts. The first brought a hundred young researchers from all continents, selected on the basis of their qualifications and insight, to the town of Morillo de Tou in Huesca. They had analysed the information on present-day climate change and that which occurred in the past. The second part of the event, which took place in Zaragoza, united two fundamental scientific perspectives: the production of data on changes in the climate and the elaboration of predictive models that depict scenarios of what may happen in the future, as well as the tools to make the right decisions.

As part of its content, PAGES 2017 also included several open sessions that aimed to address the acceleration of climate change since the start of the industrial era.

Red Eléctrica de España supports this international congress as part of the company’s commitment to combat climate change and take actions aimed at stopping it.