Red Eléctrica supports the improvement of the sports infrastructure in Escatrón

The construction works, which are being financed by the company, will make the sports centre more accessible for disabled people.

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The Manager of Ebro Regional Office, José Ignacio Lallana, and the mayor of Escatrón, Juan Abad, have met to sign a partnership agreement under which the company will finance the construction, which is designed to improve the sports centre and make it more accessible for disabled people. The 13,000 euros contributed by Red Eléctrica will pay for the construction of a new weather-proof flat roof for the building, which will prevent water infiltration, and for the installation of new accessible lavatories that will have a separate entrance from the track and allow disabled people to use the facility.

During his visit to the construction site, Lallana emphasised “the importance that Red Eléctrica places on its partnership with Escatrón, a community whose energy has always been a clear factor in its development”. In turn, Juan Abad stated: “It is very important that companies, in this case, Red Eléctrica, enter into commitments with society and make corporate social responsibility an essential part of their daily management practices so as to work for the sustainable development of rural communities.“

This agreement is one of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives to provide various types of support to the communities in which it is present, in this case Escatrón. In this municipality, Red Eléctrica has a 400/220 kilovolt substation and plans to increase the capacity of one transformer and install a new transformer station there in order to provide support for auxiliary services. The goal of these projects is to increase the meshing transmission grid so as to buffer surges that could occur in the sphere of influence of the Escatrón substation. When put into operation, it will also generally improve the electricity transmission efficiency and reduce loss of energy in the entire mainland grid.

Escatrón, which is located in the Zaragoza region of the lower stretch of the Ebro River, has significant cultural and natural assets and is closely tied to the river on which it is located and which uses for both agricultural and energy purposes.