Red Eléctrica supports the creation of an IT classroom in Santa Engracia del Jubera

The company will contribute more than 4,000 euros to acquire furniture and will also donate computers.

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The residents of Santa Engracia del Jubera (La Rioja) will have an IT classroom thanks to a collaboration agreement signed by Red Eléctrica de España’s Manager in La Rioja, José Ignacio Lallana, and the mayor of the municipality near Logroño, Óscar Fernández. According to this agreement, the company will provide 4,100 euros, which will be used to acquire the necessary furniture, and it will donate computers for the benefit of the centre’s users.

This initiative is part of Red Eléctrica’s corporate responsibility activities, which include measures to support the localities in which the company operates. In Santa Engracia, Red Eléctrica has a substation that is key to the supply of electricity in La Rioja and that connects the 400 kilovolt (kV) Barcina-Santa Engracia-La Serna axis to the 220 kV axis that feeds electricity to the community. In addition, it serves to transmit the energy generated at the Arrúbal combined cycle plant, La Rioja’s main power plant. 

In recent years, this substation —which was commissioned in 2004— has undergone several improvements, including the installation of a new 220 kV switchyard, which has served to improve distribution support in the Logroño region and at the El Sequero industrial core, La Rioja’s area of highest consumption.

The Red Eléctrica manager and Santa Engracia mayor after signing the agreement.