Red Eléctrica revamps the website of the EIC Local Issuing Office

EIC codes (Energy Identification Code) are necessary for the identification of the agents involved in the different energy markets for electricity and gas.

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Red Eléctrica de España has revamped the design and functionality of the website of the EIC Local Issuing Office for Spain, an identification required for participation in the electricity and gas markets.

This code was implemented by ENTSO-E, an association of operators and owners of the transmission network of European electricity systems (TSOs), with the aim of creating a unique codification scheme for members of this organization which would guarantee the effectiveness in the exchange of information between TSOs.

The EIC allows the identification of energy market actors at a national and international level: parties, areas, resources and measurement points. The administration and maintenance of these codes is carried out by the Central Issuing Office - ENTSO-E's Secretariat.

In 2006, Red Eléctrica was designated by ENTSO-E as the EIC Local Issuing Office for Spain, becoming a pioneer in offering a web application to agents participating in the energy markets.

The new website, which is hosted on the same URL as the previous version (, incorporates more content, improves the presentation of information and facilitates access to users. The revamping also includes improvements in security measures for connection and registration, and to submit requests for registration of new codes, modification or de-activation of EIC codes, among other things. 

In addition, the website update includes the requirements set out in the new version of the Reference Manual recently approved by ENTSO-E, motivated, among other reasons, by the transparency regulation, considered by the European Commission as a requirement of mandatory compliance.

The website of the EIC Local Issuing Office for Spain serves as a channel of communication between this entity and the different actors involved in the national and international electricity markets, and facilitates online processing of requests for these codes.