Red Eléctrica publishes data regarding the progress of the installation of smart meters

The system operator’s website, eSios, provides information, by autonomous community, on the smart meters already installed.

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Through its system operator website, eSios, Red Eléctrica has published a map showing the proportion, by autonomous communities, of the deployment of smart meters equipped with remote management and telemetry compared to the total number of supply points in the region. These smart meters are needed to provide hourly billing of the consumption of those households and small businesses that have taken on the Voluntary Price for Small Consumers (PVPC) initiative.

In 2018, all consumers with contracted power equal to or less than 15 kW (mostly households) shall have and be connected to a smart meter that enables actual measurement of electricity consumption on an hourly basis. These residential consumers account for about 30% of total national demand.

The map of household consumers with smart meters installed, which can be consulted by clicking here, is part of the improvements being implemented by eSios to facilitate tools for the consultation and analysis of data regarding the Spanish electricity system.

Electricity distribution companies provide the information to Red Eléctrica on a monthly basis. The publication of this information, which will be updated the first week of each month, is one of the tasks required by legislation which has been entrusted to the system operator as the body responsible for the management of the national power measurement information system (SIMEL), in addition to that of serving as a link between distributors and traders for the transfer of actual electricity consumption data, and also for the publishing of an individualised data breakdown of the domestic customers of each of the traders, among others.