A Red Eléctrica project selected as finalist of the 2016 EnerTIC Awards

The VODI project, a remote video surveillance system for high-voltage electricity substations, which seeks to provide this type of infrastructure with the capability to supervise facility operations and identify any possible anomalies, competed in the 2016 EnerTIC Awards within the 'Smart Mobility' category.

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Red Eléctrica’s VODI project has been selected as finalist in the ‘Smart Mobility’ category of the 2016 EnerTIC Awards. Said project is based on a system for the surveillance and monitoring of facilities by means of cameras placed strategically in the 400 kV substation of Loeches (in the Autonomous Community of Madrid), in order to avoid unnecessary trips to the facility and to carry out preventive maintenance to avoid problems in the proper functioning of the facility.

The EnerTIC Awards recognize the innovation and best practices of both managers and projects that promote energy efficiency and sustainability through public and private activities and initiatives.

The installation of the monitoring systems of the VODI project helps technicians perform predictive maintenance, and furthermore provides data that is difficult to obtain simply through on-site visits. The systems allow a high degree of visual surveillance even in adverse weather conditions and are not affected by variations in light levels and, in addition, have the capacity to provide long-distance visual coverage of the facilities surrounding areas.

The installation of this system could significantly reduce the number of trips required to perform physical on-site monitoring or assessment actions, whereby generating a saving of around 20 km of driving and about 1.4 L of fuel per trip and which could ultimately represent an estimated saving of 49.42 kg of CO2 emissions per trip.