Red Eléctrica participates in an electronic book on best practices in work-life balance

Three employees of the Company have provided testimony for an electronic book that tells about the good practices of companies in the work-life balance field.

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Red Eléctrica de España is one of the six companies participating in the #miempresaconcilia initiative. It is a collaborative e-book that is free which is promoted by #mamiconcilia and the Másfamilia Foundation which tells the story of 18 people in relation to the benefits stemming from the work-life balance measures offered by the company where they work.

This ebook recognises the good practices of companies such as Red Eléctrica that have chosen to support and improve work-life balance measures for its employees. Thus, #miempresaconcilia arises from the “crossroads” between #mamiconcilia and the Másfamilia Foundation. The #mamiconcilia movement highlights the difficulties in achieving the work-life balance through the testimonials of citizens and, in the process, has become an inspiration for others experiencing the same problems.

Presented on 22 September and available for free at this link, the #miempresaconcilia initiative also includes the participation of Wolters Kluwer, Reale Seguros, Orange, CLH and Informa; companies which, together with Red Eléctrica de España, have highlighted the experiences based on the best practices in work-life balance for the development of this project.

Hosts of the 29th edition of the EFR Forum

On September 24, Red Eléctrica de España hosted the twenty-ninth edition of the EFR Forum, a voluntary initiative of companies that have the EFR (Family-Responsible Company) certification that seeks the exchange of experiences and best practices through meetings. On the occasion of this event, the forum organized by Red Eléctrica focused on the management of psychosocial risks and brought together more than fifty attendees from EFR companies.

The EFR certificate, which Red Eléctrica obtained in 2009, recognises good practices in organisations that integrate the ad hoc management model for the work-life balance. Organisations in possession of this certificate have a business culture where productivity takes precedence over less flexible systems.