Red Eléctrica organises a working breakfast meeting with the Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad (Sustainability Excellence Club)

This meeting is the first of a series of workshops that the Club plans to undertake with its member companies.

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The Chairman of Red Eléctrica, José Folgado, today opened the breakfast workshop together with several members of the Company's senior management team, which also had the participation of Ms. Carmen Casero, Director General of Self-employment, Social Economy and of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, and of the top executives of the member companies of the Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad (Sustainability Excellence Club)

The main items on the agenda of the meeting have been the actions being carried out by this General Directorate on sustainability, and the state, evolution and outlook for the promotion of corporate responsibility in Spain. Regarding this subject, the following aspects were discussed in more depth: the work-life balance and diversity; human rights within companies; the promotion of youth employment, and the development of a strategy for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

This coming together is the first in a series of business breakfasts that the Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad plans to carry out with the objective of promoting a permanent meeting point in which companies and the Public Administration can exchange ideas and opinions and discuss economic, social and environmental matters.