Red Eléctrica maintains its leadership as a Company that provides employment

Red Eléctrica has been ranked 21st out of a total of 100 companies that were selected to be included in the Corporate Reputation Monitor, Merco Talento.

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The Company has gone up in the rankings in this 10th edition of the Corporate Reputation Monitor (Merco), which analyses the reputation of companies based on the opinion of employees, among other sources.

In the sector ranking, Red Eléctrica holds the third position and retains its leadership along with other prestigious energy companies.

The Corporate Reputation Monitor (Merco) assesses, through a comprehensive process, the working environment and analyses the internal reputation and the optimisation of corporate talent management. Among the main new items of the 2015 edition noteworthy is the positioning of job quality above other ​​reputation values, due to the deterioration caused by the crisis in some sectors. Professional development, internal promotion, work-life balance actions and social benefits are the values that follow in order of importance.

Being ranked in the top 25 allows the Company to reinforce its corporate reputation as an organisation that focuses on people as one of its main assets. Ongoing training, professional development, work-life balance policies and team working, among other aspects, contribute to the fact that Red Eléctrica is, in the field of the working environment, a Company of national and international reference.