Red Eléctrica joins the Circular Economy Pact

By signing the Pact the company reaffirms and reinforces its 2030 Sustainability Commitment.

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Red Eléctrica has joined the Circular Economy Pact, an initiative spearheaded by the central government that is part of the European Commission’s Europe 2020 Strategy for growth and the so-called roadmap toward a Europe that uses resources efficiently.

This Pact aims to replace a linear economy based on extraction, production, consumption, and disposal with a circular economy in which materials are reduced, reused, and recycled, returning them to the value chain, and reducing or even eliminating the creation of waste.   

By involving the principal economic and social players in Spain in the transition toward a new economic model, the aim is that products, materials, and resources remain in the economy as long as possible, reducing the generation of waste to a minimum.

The Pact’s signatories, including Red Eléctrica, are committed to advocating this transition through the application of 10 principles designed to effect changes at their organisations that will help promote responsible forms of consumption.  

Adherence to the Pact is an opportunity to support sustainable development that reinforces the company’s commitment to meet the challenges of the future and help achieve an effective and sustainable economic system.