Red Eléctrica is incorporated into ASCOM, Asociación Española de Compliance

The company is taking another step toward its commitment to regulatory compliance as an essential tool for carrying out its model of integrity. 

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Red Eléctrica has joined Asociación Española de Compliance (ASCOM), the first professional organisation dedicated to the function of regulatory compliance of companies, whose objective is to create a common space for professionals in this field, to offer a meeting place and exchange of ideas and better practises, and to allow organisations to respond to the demands and challenges that emerge in the aforementioned field.

The term “compliance” refers to the set of practises adopted by organisations to identify the risks in the scope of regulatory compliance that are faced by companies, and to establish a prevention mechanism.

For Red Eléctrica, it is essential to act with full integrity in complying with the obligations established and the commitments assumed in carrying out the contracted tasks. The company is committed to its interest groups, to develop a regulatory compliance system aligned with the most advanced practises, in order to reinforce a proactive culture of managing the risks of compliance.