Red Electrica helps improve three tourist trails in Jarque de la Val (Teruel)

The Company has contributed 9,000 euros to help improve the trails and install signage for the Fuentes tourist route, a route which is lined with singular species of poplar trees.

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José Ignacio Lallana, Red Eléctrica’s Delegate in Aragón, and Diego Edo, the deputy mayor of Jarque de la Val, visited the Fuentes route, whose improvement works were financed by the Company through the contribution of 9,000 euros. There are three trails, two of 1.5 and 2 km in length that run through and around the town, crossing areas of orchards and fields to finish in areas of poplar trees where one can find fountains and picnic areas. The third trail, of 8.5 km, connects the two aforementioned trails to the hermitage of Santa Quiteria, from where one can see the whole scenic landscape of the Val de Jarque.

The project involved clearing the paths and the installation of posts and signage as well as rustic tables, benches and information boards.

The Teruel town of Jarque de la Val is located south of the Cuencas Mineras region. Located more than 1,200 metres above sea level, it has a large number of heritage sites, such as the town hall dating from the seventeenth century, and is surrounded by a natural environment of great beauty, in particular its riverbank flora.

The Fuentes route consists of three trails: the Fuente de la Salud, the Fuente de la Caja and the Fuente de Santiago which have been repaired and made good thanks to the collaboration agreement signed in 2015 between Red Eléctrica and the local government. This agreement is included in the Corporate Social Responsibility Plan associated with the Mezquita-Morella and the Mudéjar–Morella high-voltage axes.

Red Eléctrica has earmarked 222,000 euros to the development of social, cultural and environmental initiatives in the municipalities of the province of Teruel through which the Mezquita-Morella and the Mudéjar-Morella axes run.