Red Eléctrica, Global Partner of the #PorElClima Community

The objetive of this initiative is to move from commitment to action in the fight against climate change. 

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Coinciding with the day of the entry into force of the Paris Climate Agreement, reached by the COP 21 a year ago, the #PorElClima Community has been publicly presented in Spain; a Community of which Red Eléctrica is one of the two global partners. It is a pioneering initiative to help the whole of Spanish society move from commitment to action in the fight against climate change.

As a direct result of the data, which alerts us to the fact that we are quickly reaching the point of no return regarding many of the sustainability parameters, the #PorElClima Community aims to raise awareness about what many entities, both public and private, are already doing, as well as to help society in general do whatever they can to fight against climate change.

The Director General of the Spanish Office for Climate Change, Valvanera Ulargui, participated in the event and welcomed the coming into force of the Paris Agreement, highlighting that we are in a new era marked by the need to take up arms in this fight, in which every effort will count.

Additionally, also noteworthy is the Company's participation in the third meeting of the Climate Change Cluster, in which the "Carbon Pricing as a business management tool" whitepaper was presented.

The whitepaper explains that carbon pricing aims to make tangible and monetise the costs of carbon dioxide emissions in the economic, social and environmental fields; in other words, allocate a price to CO2 emissions, and it seems this will become a tool for companies to voluntarily manage the risks and opportunities associated with their carbon footprint and internalise the costs derived from their emissions.