Red Eléctrica finances social projects in various municipalities of Castellón

Red Eléctrica has earmarked a total of 78,000 euros to carry out initiatives of a social and cultural nature in six municipalities of Castellón

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Maite Vela, Red Eléctrica’s Regional Delegate in Autonomous Community of Valencia, visited the projects carried out in Morella, Villores and Palanques, three of the municipalities of Castellón through which the Mezquita-Morella line passes; said projects are part of the agreements signed with these municipalities to develop initiatives of a social and cultural nature.

Red Eléctrica signed agreements with three other municipalities, Zorita del Maestrazgo, Todolella and Forcall, through which the aforementioned line also passes, earmarking an overall total of 78,000 euros for the six locations to promote projects that provide a positive impact on the territory and its inhabitants.

In Morella, the ‘Jaume I’ sports and leisure centre has been expanded and improved. In Villores, the multipurpose building within the municipality was refurbished and in Palanques, the installations of the municipal swimming pool were renovated.

These actions are encompassed within the corporate responsibility policy of Red Eléctrica de España, whose aim is to contribute to sustainable economic and social development, the promotion of progress, culture and social well-being with the goal of creating permanent value in areas where the Company’s facilities are located.