Red Eléctrica, distinguished for its participation in R&D+i projects on energy storage

The US Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), a US organisation based in California, has awarded Red Eléctrica a distinction for its progress in research and knowledge of energy storage systems.

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Red Eléctrica de España, as a key part of the change towards a more sustainable energy model, has been researching and developing, for years now, systems that enable the storage of electrical energy as a tool for the system operator in order to help balance the supply and demand of electricity.

As a result, the EPRI association has recognized the Company's progress in this field by granting it the 2016 PDU Transfer Technology Award, an award which was collected by Belén Díaz-Guerra Calderón, a member of the Red Eléctrica’s Electricity Planning Department that is part of the EPRI working group that addresses these issues.

The Company has been carrying out R&D+i projects, such as the Almacena project, an energy storage system that uses a prismatic lithium-ion battery with a capacity of around 3 MW hour installed in the Carmona substation (Seville) in order to verify the profitability this type of system provides the system operator.

Another project promoted by Red Eléctrica in this field has been the flywheel, a system that allows the stabilization of frequency and voltage through the use of kinetic energy to maintain the load flow by injecting up to 18 MW per second. The installation of this R&D+i project in the Mácher substation (Lanzarote), has allowed this storage device to be tested and see the extent of its utility in isolated systems that have lower connectivity in order to ensure continuity of supply.

Currently, Red Eléctrica is in the development stage of the Soria-Chira pumped-storage hydropower station in Gran Canaria, a tool for the system operator that allows the equivalent of 36% of the island’s peak electricity demand to be generated in a manageable way and that  promotes a greater use and integration of renewable energy production.