Red Eléctrica contributes to improving children's play parks in Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba)

The company contributes to expanding the network of parks and to promoting a healthy lifestyle in the town. 

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The mayoress of Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba), María Sierra Luque, and the Manager of the Southern Regional Office, Miguel González, have signed an agreement by which the company contributes financially to a project to expand and improve the existing play parks in the town, as well as to create a new children's play park and another park containing cardio health installations for outdoor exercise.

Specifically, the children's park will have a play area with slides, see-saws and children's leisure equipment, whereas the park designed for outdoor sports will have rowing, bike and walking equipment to encourage physical exercise and healthy lifestyle habits among the town residents.

In the town, the company will expand the electrical transmission substation of Almodóvar del Río with a new position that will be situated in the 220 kilovolt substation enclosure and will facilitate access to the transmission grid. 

This agreement is framed within Red Eléctrica's corporate responsibility strategy, the aim of which is to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development, as well as to foster progress, culture and social well-being in those areas where the company is present.