Red Eléctrica contributes to birdlife conservation in the region of Valencia

Red Eléctrica de España has completed work on the installation of bird flight diverters on four electricity lines that run through the province of Castellón with the aim of minimising the potential risk of collision of birds.

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Rotating-sphere or swinging-plate type bird flight diverters have been installed on a total of 30 kilometres of line: on the 220 kV Bechi-Vall D'Uxo line (6 km with 254 diverters), the 220 kV Sagunto-Vall D'Uxo line (3.9 km with 277 diverters), on the 400 kV Gaussa-Plana2 line (9 km with 871 diverters) and the 400 kV Eliana-Plana1 line (11 km with 861 diverters). Red Eléctrica has invested 94,172 euros in this action, which is part of its firm commitment to the protection and conservation of biodiversity.

The Company’s plan for the marking of electricity lines has made it possible for about 3,000 km of high-voltage electricity lines in our country to already have bird flight diverters that minimise the potential risk of collision of the birds.

Project for the radio-tracking of the Bonelli's eagle via GPS

Red Eléctrica signed in 2015 a collaboration agreement with the University of Alicante and the Wildlife Service of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development of the Government of Valencian which has allowed a study to be conducted on the incidence of food supplementation on the spatial and reproductive ecology of the Bonelli's eagle in the Autonomous Community of Valencia.

To date, fourteen adult eagles from different breeding pairs, nesting in the Special Protection Areas for birds (SPAs) of the Sierra de Espadán (Castellón), have been fitted with GPS/GSM transmitters. These have provided over 4 million GPS locations, allowing the size of the eagles’ foraging areas to be determined as well as their feeding zones with a high degree of detail. Also, the data obtained have contributed to identify the areas of greatest potential risk of collision with existing high voltage electricity lines, namely one important feeding area of several Bonelli's eagle breeding pairs in the region of La Plana Baixa (Castellón) which triggered an action plan by Red Eléctrica for the installation of bird-flight diverters on the lines in this area.

Both the ongoing study and the installation of bird flight diverters reflect Red Eléctrica’s sensitivity to the protection of biodiversity and highlights the importance of the collaboration with the government administration and the public research entities in matters related to the conservation of the most endangered fauna of the autonomous community of Valencia.