Red Eléctrica collaborates to promote good practices on anchoring in the Balearic Islands

The Regional Ministry of Environment of the Balearic Islands’ Government and Red Eléctrica collaborate in the publication and distribution of an informative leaflet to avoid anchoring in areas with Posidonia meadows and submarine cables.

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The Regional Minister for the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries, Vicenç Vidal, and the Manager of the Balearic Islands Regional Office of Red Eléctrica, Eduardo Maynau, have entered into a collaboration agreement to carry out an environmental awareness campaign designed to promote good practices on anchoring in order to protect the Posidonia oceanica and submarine cables.

As part of this collaboration, Red Eléctrica will be contributing 20,000 euros towards the publication and distribution of 30,000 informative leaflets to be distributed to the ports, yacht clubs and local governments of all of the islands.

The leaflet, available in several languages, aims to remind boat users of the anchoring rules and the importance of Posidonia meadows conservation for the marine ecosystem and the submarine interconnections to ensure electricity and telecommunications supply.  

Through this campaign, Red Eléctrica, as the system operator and manager of the electricity transmission grid and submarine electricity interconnections in the Balearic Islands, shows its commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection, both goals included in its environmental policy and biodiversity strategy.

Consult the leaflet.