Red Eléctrica collaborates in the Movilab initiative, a scientific laboratory on wheels

Movilab is a mobile laboratory in wich workshops and scientific experiments are performed focused on the International Year of Light.

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Red Eléctrica has organized together with the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research and the Padrosa Foundation, the Movilab initiative, a laboratory installed in a truck, in which workshops and scientific experiments are conducted to encourage interest in science in society.

Movilab will visit 12 cities over the next four months. Its route has started today in La Coruña and will end in Alcobendas (Madrid) in December. Every week the truck will travel to a new city, where it will remain for four days. During the mornings, it will be open to school groups and the general public can visit the Movilab in the afternoons.

This fourth edition of Movilab is dedicated to the International Year of Light, so the workshops are related to light and its physical principles, as well as the transmission of electricity.

Visitors can perform different experiments and explore the properties of electricity, in addition to gaining knowledge on the elements and materials of high-voltage lines.