Red Eléctrica collaborates in the creation of the ‘Energy Directory’

The company has played an active role in the preparation of an online database that allows users to consult and download documents relating to the energy sector.

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The National Commission  on Markets and Competition (CNMC, in Spanish), the Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT, in Spanish), Red Eléctrica de España and the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum have combined their efforts to create the Energy Directory, an online database that allows users to consult thousands of documents relating to the energy and environmental sectors.

The Energy Directory, which is the first publicly available reference source of its kind in Spain, can be found at (currently just available in Spanish). It has been compiled by a group of archivists from the CNMC, CIEMAT, Red Eléctrica and the Nuclear Forum, and it is arranged in a series of broad categories such as the energy economy, electrical energy, nuclear energy, renewable energies, oil, gas, coal, R&D+I, the environment and energy policy and regulation.

This huge online database allows users to look for and select information resources and download or consult a large number of up-to-date documents, including reports, statistical data, regulations, etc. Users can also browse through specialist portals and identify a range of technical, documentary, information and training resources that cater for all requirements. Searches can be carried out at both domestic and international levels, and users can obtain information classified by subject, type of document, author, publisher and country of origin, in addition to consulting reference works, publications, statistical bulletins, statements, reports and many other resources.

This new online database has been created in response to the need for access to information from specialist sources within the energy sector, and it has been prepared by members of the Energy Documentation Committee, a working group that was formed in 2002 and includes archivists from libraries, corporate documentation centres, companies and institutions working in the energy sector.